This site was originally made  for my grandchildren November 1996. Due to circumstances beyond my control Homestead lost the whole works.

A year later somewhere on a hard disk Homestead found part of the lost web site, rather than try to merge it with the current site I have added links to the old, this is why you will find a few links that lead to the same page

p.s. as this site is being made for the younger generations all of you old farts just look the other way if I stretch the facts once in a blue moon


The Helle Clan

Lee Helle


Part of Original site

Original Index

Great Grand Parents (McCluen) of Lee

Teresa (Helle) Sauther

Jess Koening

Geraldine Koening

Photo's from Shawn

Photo's from Canada 1958-Spring of 2001

Photo's Canada Summer of 2001

Photo's Canada Summer of 2002

Photo's 2003

Photo's 2004

Photo's 2005

Photo's 2006

Photo's 2007

Photo's 2008

Photo's 2009

Photo's 2010

Photo's 2011

Photo's 2012

Photo's 2012-2016

A few pictures from Korea 1957-1963

Military web sites ONE and TWO

Old Helle Clan Pictures from Sharon Osborn

Mud Road

Wyoming, IL 1953 telephone directory

Goggle Maps of area where Lee grew up

Northport Historical Society

2016 Presidential Candidates

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